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Kim Alm,
Phone: +358 40 502 8011
E-mail: kim.alm (at)

Kim Alm


Find a longtime employment either in management, consultancy or technical sales support. The job should offer personal growth and challenges.

Personal Information

Marital status: Single
Nationality: Finnish
Age: 28

Language Proficiency

Swedish: Mother-tongue
English: Fluent
Finnish: Good


Available on request

Professional experience

01.05.99 - 31.12.00
Lanier (Brussels)

Placed in Lanier's data center in Brussels, the center supports about 1000 users around Europe. The center provides and maintains a centralized computing environment.

Unix Administrator

  • Administration of large UNIX database server, with an average of 700 simultaneous connections. Hardware IBM (The hardware was developed by Sequent, the company was recently bought by IBM) Numa-Q, operating system Dynix PTX. Database Informix.
  • Development of ksh and PERL scripts for the production environment.
  • Support developers of CS/3, a ERP package from Sage.
  • Support developers of OSD, call taking package from Interchange.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of the European frame-relay.
  • Support for Forms Express.
  • Implementation of FacetWin.
  • Implementation of a revision control system.
  • Evaluation of electronic archaving system.


01.09.98 - 31.04.99
Engel Group (Helsinki)

Employed by Engel Group, which was one of HP's OSD customers.

Unix Administrator

  • Administration of Hp-Ux based file and database servers.
  • Administration of Hp Openmail server.
  • Technically responsible for implementation of a new call center package. Two call centers mirrored at two locations, the new software package was Windows NT based.
  • Implementation of dialup server.
  • Setup and maintenance of Nokia IPSO firewall.
  • Installation of Linux based proxy server.


01.12.97 - 31.08.98
Hewlett Packard (Helsinki)

Employed by OSD, worked for OSD until the Finnish center was closed.

Systems Administrator

  • Administration of Hp-Ux servers.
  • Administration of IT/O server.
  • Development of scripts for system monitoring.
  • Monitoring of mail, database and file servers.
  • Operation of NT, and MPE servers.
  • Network configuration and security. Network based on Cisco routers.
  • Configuration and maintenance of Firewall-1.
  • Documentation of environment.


01.01.96 - 31.11.97 (Supposed to be part-time, became fulltime)
Baudia Communications (Helsinki)

Baudia communications is a company that offers turnkey network solutions to their customers. Customers range from private persons to large corporations.

Systems Administrator

  • Network configuration and planning, Cisco and Retix hardware on leased lines, and Lucent Office routers for ISDN connections.
  • Configuration and maintenance of Lucent Technologies dialup servers, with radius authentication on Linux servers.
  • Cat 5 cabling.
  • Implementation of Linux based firewalls.
  • Administration of Linux based mail, web, dns, ftp and usenet servers.
  • Setup of virtual web servers.
  • Sales and technical support.
  • Installation of Linux based proxy server.
  • Development of a script based billing system.
  • Setup of Baudia as a LIR under RIPE.


01.01.96 - 31.11.97 (Part-time student job, full-time summer 1997)
Arcada (Helsinki)

Employed by the school I attended for administration of both student and staff environments, reminded responsible for a number of systems even after my official employment ended.

Systems Administrator

  • Responsible for SGI, Sun and Linux workstations.
  • Administration of Linux based mail, web, dns and usenet servers.
  • Network administration.
  • Implementation of dialup servers.



1994 - 1997
Tekniska Läroverket i Helsingfors (ARCADA)
Enrolled in the program for mechanical engineering, the program didn't meet my expectations, and therefore didn't complete the education.

Ålands Lyceum
Matriculation exam.

1989 - 1990
Vacaville High School
Senior year.


Mixed background, with a wide and deep knowledge. Main strengths are UNIX and Networking, but also a good working knowledge of Microsoft NT. This gives an unbiased view on the available technology.