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I'am very very scared, people do visit my pages, why?

Welcome to my BOFHish page, if you are looking for my CV please follow this link.

There is only three sports, mountain climbing, bull fighting a motor racing - the rest being games.
Ernst Hemingway

Some wag once said that a million monkeys pounding on a million typewriters would eventually produce Shakespeare: well, the Internet is proof this isn't true.

Why do I work in the proffesion I do? I think it's best explained in the following Dilbert strip:

Browsers with non-graphical browsers can't see 
	this Dilbert Strip where Dogbert explains the joy of the Network Systems 
	Administrator Profession

The official site for Dilbert strips can be found at, I have also saved some of my favourite episodes online. Warning, the collection page includes several Dilbert strips, so if you are on a slow link...

Or in other words: Being a Sysadmin means never having to say you're sorry - just "I'll fix it..."

I try not to identify me with my work in any way. I hope there is
no trace of: "I'am a sysadmin". When my workday is over I split
faster than the eye, and doesn't think about my work, and I do my
best not to think about my job when I'am there. This is how I have
managed to live in technology without having to deal with it, 
I'am involved but not engaged.

If you are a luser, DON`T contact me in my sparetime unless you have a very very good reason...

Good reasons include loss of human life and the final death of a major server. I don't want to hear about the first after it's happened or the second before.

Deleting a luser's account is a warning, for a second offense, the BOFH will get really nasty.

And remember:

Home pages are the pet rock of the 90s. They all have them, they all think they're very cute. But in a few years they're going to look back and be pretty embarrassed.

If this page doesn't look good, then your browser is most likely defect, this page looks just great with Lynx

Kim Alm; postmaster, newsmaster, webmaster, systems administrator, systems programmer, network administrator, network programmer, software engineer, hardware enginer, purchasing, user support, operations manager and janitor. Got a problem ? It's probably mine.

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